Why Choose Mobile Grooming Over Salon Grooming?

Why Choose Mobile Grooming Over Salon Grooming?

When it comes to pet grooming, you can either choose a mobile groomer or take your pet to a salon to be groomed.

When you choose a mobile groomer, there are many benefits that come along with that little grooming van.

While a salon also has benefits, do those benefits outweigh the cons of a salon?

The greatest joy of having a mobile groomer is that they come to you, while having a salon groomer requires you to load your pet up in a carrier and transport them to an unfamiliar place. Your pet doesn’t have to leave the environment they are comfortable with when a groomer comes to you. This can allow your pet to have less anxiety about grooming appointments and allow them to remain calm during their visit, making the grooming session smoother.

Another benefit of having a mobile groomer is your pet having the groomer’s full attention. A spa can have numerous pets to divide their attention among, while a mobile groomer can give your pet their undivided attention, allowing them to better accommodate to their needs.

If your dog requires special accommodations, it is easier for the groomer to meet those needs when they are only concentrated on one pet rather than several.

Also, having the same groomer every time allows the groomer to form a bond with your pet, know their needs to a T, customize their services to best fit your pets needs, and make the overall grooming experience more enjoyable for your pet. Last, but not least, having a mobile groomer reduces the risk of your pet contracting an illness or disease from other pets unlike a salon where they have hundreds of other pets in and out of their facility.

Overall, it comes down to preference and convenience. If a mobile groomer works best for you and your pet, choose mobile. If not, it is perfectly fine to choose a salon groomer as well. As long as your pet is receiving the care it needs in a loving manner, that’s all that matters.