Tips for Pet Owners

Tips for Pet Owners

It can be exciting becoming a pet owner, but it is important to be educated on how to be a successful pet owner.

Even if you’ve been a pet owner for years, it doesn’t hurt to consider a few extra tips to make your pet ownership an even better experience for both, you and your pet.

  1. Become Knowledgeable. The first step to being an outstanding pet owner is taking responsibility. Don’t blame everything on the pet. Learn the peculiarities of your pet and it’s specific breed. Recommendations for each breed can vary. These recommendations can include how much exercise they need, how much maintenance their coat requires, how often they need to go outside, and the required nutrition.
  2. Build a bond. If you are a new pet owner, you will quickly realize pets break down the walls of our hearts. Having a strong, healthy bond with your pet benefits you as well as your pet. For instance, when you are petting them, you both release “happy hormones” like dopamine, prolactin, and oxytocin. Make a little time each day for human-animal bonding, whether it be a little snuggle time, a game of fetch, or just enjoying each other’s company.
  3. Detect and Control Stress. It is easy to spot a happy pet, but what about a stressed pet? Some signs to look for include excessive yawning, trembling, hiding, shaking dry when they’re not wet, and excessive licking of the lips. If you notice one or more of these signs, here’s how to reduce their stress levels:
  • Regular, daily exercise
  • Massages
  • Security blankets
  • Keep a calm tone
  • Give lots of love!
  1. Share Your Home. Your pet may not pay the bills, but your home is your pet’s home too. Some ways to share your home include having feeding dishes easily accessible, giving your pet a secluded space to rest, providing a comfortable bed, and you may even allow your pet on your furniture with you. They may not be your whole world, but you are theirs.
  2. Socializing is good for the soul. Just like humans, it is important to have an adequate amount of social interaction for pets too. Invite people over to your home and allow your pet to socialize. If they too are a pet owner of a similar pet, they could bring their companion along for a play date. Dog parks are a great way for dogs to get the social interaction they need.

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