Middle Double Dog Lead

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159 reviews for Middle Double Dog Lead

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  158. Svetlana Mardeian

    I’m Svetlana Mardiean, an architect and interior designer with a diverse portfolio. Recently relocated to Dubai, I am keen to know if you have any immediate or upcoming projects that could benefit from my expertise as a lead architect or interior designer.

    Quick Credentials:

    Master’s in Architectural Design
    10+ Years as Lead Architect & Interior Designer
    Skills: AutoCAD, 3D Max, Photoshop, Revit
    Languages: English and Russian
    UAE Golden Visa holder, Driving License due in September

    For a direct look at some of my work, please find my portfolio here: Svetlana’s Portfolio:

    I offer a comprehensive suite of services, including:

    Project oversight from concept to completion
    Customized design solutions
    Adherence to stringent quality standards
    If my skills align with your current needs, I’m available for an immediate discussion via email or WhatsApp. Please contact me at svetlana@uscinteriors.com or call/WhatsApp +971 58 551 9645.

    Best regards,

    Svetlana Mardiean
    +971 58 551 9645 (Available on WhatsApp)

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